The strongest beer in the world!

Xbeer - 33

Brewer’s tasting menu – price 29,- Euro

Welcome drink
● 0.1 l Šamp – ‘Champagne’ beer (this incredible beer is the result of marrying winemaking techniques with brewer’s yeast)

● Fried bread with whipped beer cheese
● 0.3 l ‘1466’ – extra bitter light lager (5.2% alcohol)

Main meal
● Neck of pork marinated in dark beer, crushed potatoes
● 0.3 l OLDGOTT – semi-dark unfiltered lager (5.6% alcohol)

● Beer ice-cream
● 0.2 l XBEER-33 the strongest beer in the world in terms of wort density (33° Plato) – 12.6% alcohol

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Visit the store at the entrance and exit of the restaurant.

Our beer and beer products:

 - unfiltered, unpasteurized lager from a microbrewery U Medvidku. The name is derived from the founding of the brewery U Medvidku and also determines its gravity - 14.66 °. Significant gravity is achieved double hopping. Alcohol content: 6,1 %


– unfiltered, unpasteurized lager from a microbrewery U Medvidku. The name is derived from the founding of the brewery U Medvidku and also determines its gravity – 14.66 °. Significant gravity is achieved double hopping.

Alcohol content: 6,1 %

unfiltered, 12° wheat beer, brewed according to a mediaeval recipe Alcohol content: 4,7 %

Medvídkovské bílé (White)

– unfiltered, 12° wheat beer, brewed according to a mediaeval recipe

Alcohol content: 4,7 %

- nefiltrovaný, 14° tmavý speciál s přidáním praženého ječmene Obsah alkoholu: 5,8 %


– unfiltered, 14° special dark beer with extra roast barley added

Alcohol content: 5,8 %

 Medvídek  - nefiltrovaný, 15° světlý speciál dokvášený s medem v dubových sudech Obsah alkoholu: 6,2 %

Medvídek (Little bear)

– unfiltered, 15° special light beer with secondary fermentation in oak barrels

Alcohol content: 6,2 %

 Oldgott  - nefiltrovaný, 13°polotmavý ležák, který kvasí a později dokváší v dubových sudech. Právě proto má pivo Oldgott přívlastek Barique. Obsah alhoholu: 5,2%


– unfiltered, 13° semi-dark lager, which is fermented and later undergoes secondary fermentation in oak barrels. This is why the beer is given the label Barrique

Alcohol content: 5,2%

 X-BEER 33  - nejsilnější pivo na světě, polotmavý ležák, který kvasí v dubových sudech po dobu 200 dní. Obsah alhoholu: 12,6%


– the strongest beer in the world, semi-dark lager which is fermented in oak barrels for a period of 200 days

Alcohol content: 12,6%

 Podzimní speciál  - nefiltrované, 16°pivo, ochucený tmavý speciál s příchutí švestek Obsah alhoholu: 6,5%

Fall brew (autumn special)

– unfiltered, 16° beer, special dark beer with plum flavour

Alcohol content: 6,5%

 Kaštanové pivo  - nefiltrovaný, 18°speciál s chutí vánoc Obsah alhoholu: 6,6%

Chestnut beer

– unfiltered, 18° special beer with the flavour of Christmas

Alcohol content: 6,6%

 Růženka - nefiltrované, 11° pšeničné pivo, vhodné k letnímu osvěžení Obsah alhoholu: 3,9%


– unfiltered, 11° wheat beer, suitable for summer refreshment

Alcohol content: 3,9%

 Valentýn  - nefiltrovaný, láskyplně tajemný ležák. Valentýn má krásnou červenou barvu, růžovou pěnu a plnou medovou chuť. Tento nefiltrovaný ležák byl poprvé k ochutnání 10. 2. 2010 a velmi rychle si našel své příznivce mezi přítomnými dámami i všemi - nejen zamilovanými znalci piva. Obsah alhoholu: 5,0%


– unfiltered, lovingly mysterious lager. Valentýn has a wonderful red colour, a pink head and a full honey-like flavour. This unfiltered lager was first available for tasting on 10 February 2010 and was very quick to find its fans amongst the ladies present and all beer connoisseurs – not just those in love.

Alcohol content: 5,0%

 Pivní zmrzlina  - originální zmrzlina nezaměnitelné chuti vyrobená z našeho ležáku Oldgott. K dostání pouze U medvídků. Obsah alhoholu: 5,2%

Beer ice-cream

– our original ice-cream with its unmistakeable flavour, made from our Oldgott lager. Only available at U medvídků.

Alcohol content: 5,2%

Pivovice X40  - je unikátní pivní brandy vyráběná z ležáku Oldgott. Obsah alhoholu: 40,0%

Pivovice X40

– a unique beer brandy made from Oldgott lager

Alcohol content: 40,0%

 Pivní čokoláda  Ručně vyrobená čokoláda s nejsilnějším pivem na světě - XBEER-33 Složení: tmavá čokoláda /kakaová hmota, cukr, kakaové máslo, sójový lecitin, tmavé pivo /min. 20 %/, vanilka, máslo, med /obsah kakaa min. 38% /

Beer chocolate

Hand made chocolate with the strongest beer of the world – XBEER-33
Ingredients: dark chocolate/cocoa mass,sugar,cocoa butter,soya lecitin/,dark
beer /min 20% /,vanila,butter,honey. Cocoa content min. 38% /

Brewery history:

The history of the “U Medvidku” building goes back to the beginnings of the 15th century. The house was named after one of its first owners, mr. Jan nedvídek, who founded the brewery in 1466 and manufactured beer until 1898.
Afterwards, the owners of the brewery houses could not compete with the newly-built industrial breweries; therefore, they closed their small breweries and founded the town brewery in hole•ovice. Mr. Karel vendulak, the last brewer, became the first director of the brewery. The brewery was rebuilt into one of the largest alehouses in prague, featuring prague’s first tingl-tangl /cabaret/ at the beginning of the 20th century. In the nineteen-fifties, the premises was taken away from its owners, without any compensation, by a socialist government. The house deteriorated until 1989, and it wasn’t until after its return to the inheritors of the original owners that the premises underwent vast reconstruction, during which the alehouse was extended and a stylish hotel was built.

The last stage of the reconstruction was completed in 2005, when the original malt house was rebuilt as the “house of beer” featuring a brewery store, congress hall and mini-brewery. The first brewing batch was symbolically finished on november 17, 2004, exactly 15 years after the “Velvet” revolution in the czech republic.

Our goal is not to manufacture the most beer, but to show the manufacturing process at its best, including procedures and equipment no longer in use today, such as stock cooling, open fermentation tanks, wooden lager barrels, and manual racking into bottles with patented caps. This is why the smallest restaurant
brewery in the Czech Republic was created, to have a maximum annual sales volume of 300 hectoliters of the 13-degree strong beer called OLDGOTT.



Beer Manufacturing Procedure:

We can make an explanation of beer manufacturing simple by dividing it into 3 main stages: brewing process, main fermentation process, and finishing fermentation process. Accordingly, our mini-brewery is divided into 3 parts: brewing room, fermentation cellar, and lager basement.

BREWING ROOM – Hot water at 37 degrees Celsius is poured into a mash tub with a volume of 250 liters and three types of crushed malt are added to it. The mixture is gradually heated to 72 degrees Celsius, when the starch in the malt breaks down into fermentable sugars. The sediment is brewed for a short time and then pumped into the drain tank, where the brewer’s grains are separated. The clear malt wort is pumped into the brewing kettle, hops are added, and the whole thing is boiled for ninety minutes. When the hops are boiled, the malt wort is sterilized and bitter substances are transferred from the hops. The solution that results is called hopped wort. The boiling hopped wort is cooled down to 70 degrees Celsius in the tank, and then additionally cooled down on a plate cooler to the fermentation temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

FERMENTATION CELLAR – The hopped wort is pumped into an oak fermentation tank (volume of 500 liters) and brewer’s yeast is added. The main fermentation process occurs at 9 to 10 degrees Celsius for about ten to twelve days. The hooped wort, fermented by approximately
70% (so-called young or green beer) is cooled down to 6 degrees Celsius and pumped into a lager barrel. The brewer’s yeast, which settled on the bottom of the tank, is removed, washed with ice water, and stored for further processing at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

LAGER BASEMENT – The fermentation process lasts for an additional five to six weeks in 500 liter oak barrels. During this additional fermentation process, the beer becomes clear and is saturated with carbon dioxide. The finished beer is poured into kegs and served on tap in the restaurant, or is manually poured into bottles with patented caps.