U Medvídků restaurant and microbrewery offers you the unique opportunity to brew your own beer with the assistance of our experienced brewer. In order that you can do this, we have constructed a microbrewery in the historic rooms of the U Medvídků brewery which allows you to brew 50 l of beer per batch. Only with us do you get the opportunity to brew your own beer, in contrast to other breweries who only offer you the option to take part in the brewing of standard batches of beer. The microbrewery uses unique two-vessel gravity brewing technology, a historical copper plate cooler with hand pump and glass fermentation vessel which allows you to monitor the fermentation process day by day. It is conditioned in kegs, usually for a period of 4 weeks. Ladislav Veselý (Brewer of the Year 2009) is your guarantee that your day spent in the brewery will be an unforgettable experience with the beer you brew a source of pride and pleasure. Come and try out this wonderful craft and become part of the 500-year tradition of brewing beer at U Medvídků.

Brewing lasts 9 hours and includes the whole process from crushing through mashing to hopping followed by subsequent cooling of the wort and fermentation.



Price (incl. VAT):

  • 1 person – CZK 10,000
  • + each additional one – CZK 3,000

Price includes:

  • assistance and training from brewer during the whole brewing process
  • Tour of U Medvídků restaurant brewery
  • brewery refreshments – pickled sausages, tlačenka head cheese, lard spread, beer cheese
  • tasting of beers from restaurant brewery (OLDGOTT, ‘1466’, XBEER-33)
  • lunch – pork neck in dark beer with mashed potato
  • coffee + beer ice-cream
  • non-alcoholic drinks all day
  • working t-shirt as memento
  • 50 l brewed beer including hire of hand pump with connection or free hire of micro-brewery for 4 hours
  • certificate of completion

Services for an additional fee:

  • option to bottle beer in beugel-type bottles
  • label production
  • providing a programme in a foreign language (English)
  • accommodation in the U Medvídků hotel

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