General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Conditions“)

Hotel U Medvídků, address: U Medvídků, Na Perštýně 7, 100 01 Prague 1, Czech Republic.

Operated by TWOMARK s.r.o., Identification Number: 28541715, registered office Jiskrova 45/7, Braník, 147 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic.

  1. Reservation of accommodation and other services in Hotel U Medvídků
    Reservation of accommodation and other services in Hotel U Medvídků, and the confirmation of this reservation by the hotel, is only possible in writing, i.e. usually be e-mail. A reservation confirmation is considered to be either an automatic e-mail confirmation generated by the relevant online reservation system, or an e-mail confirmation directly from Hotel U Medvídků.
  2. Cancellation of reserved accommodation and other services in Hotel U Medvídků
    The cancellation of a confirmed reservation can also only be performed in writing, i.e. usually by e-mail. The exact method of cancelling a reservation is given by the reservation system which was used to make it. When reserving accommodation directly with Hotel U Medvídků, the cancellation of a reservation is considered to be an e-mail announcing the cancellation of the reservation, addressed to Hotel U Medvídků, or a cancellation in the hotel’s online reservation system. When cancelling a reservation which was made via an external provider (BookOnlineNow), the reservation must also be cancelled via this external provider in the manner required by the external provider. In this case, a written notification directly to Hotel U Medvídků IS NOT CONSIDERED a proper cancellation of the reservation.
  3. Change of reservation in Hotel U Medvídků
    A request to change a reservation, i.e. to move the ordered services, in their original extent, to another date, is considered a cancellation of the original reservation as per point 2. of these Conditions, and is governed by the same regimen as the cancellation of a reservation.
  4. Cancellation fees
    In the event of the cancellation of a reservation as per point 2. and 3. of these Conditions, Hotel U Medvídků is entitled to a cancellation fee under the following conditions, unless stipulated otherwise: cancellation of a reservation more than 48 hours before check-in: FREE, cancellation of a reservation less than 48 hours before check-in: cost of 1 night of the cancelled reservation.

Group reservations, i.e. reservations of multiple rooms, are governed by the individual conditions stipulated by Hotel U Medvídků when confirming such a reservation.

  1. Non-arrival of client
    If the client fails to arrive at the arranged time, and does not cancel their reservation in writing, then the reservation is cancelled and the provisions of point 4. of these Conditions apply.
  2. Check-in and check-out
    Check-in is possible from 2.00 pm, and usually until 12.00 am. If intending to arrive later than 12.00 am, the guest must notify the hotel reception of this fact by e-mail or telephone, and inform the staff therein of their expected time of arrival. If the guest does not announce a late check-in in advance, then the hotel cannot guarantee that the reception shall be available. An early check-in is possible, free of charge, but only if the room is available and subject to agreement with the hotel reception. The guest must check out by 11.00 am on the last day of the applicable reservation. A late check-out is possible only upon prior agreement with the reception, and is not guaranteed.
  3. Conflict solving
    In the event that the customer – consumer a natural person who does not act within the scope of his business, employment or profession when concluding and fulfilling the contract, is not satisfied with the manner in which the operator, as the seller, has settled his complaint or believes that the operator has violated his rights, the customer has the right to turn to the operator as the seller for redress. The competent subject for the alternative resolution of consumer disputes with the operator as the seller is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, which can be contacted for this purpose at the address of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Prague 2, Štěpánská 567/15, postal code: 120 00.

These General Terms and Conditions are contractual, and can be amended by another contract in special cases.

On: 01/05/2019
TWOMARK s.r.o.
MARTINA GÖTTEL – Company Director