Hotel U Medvídků
Hotel U Medvídků
Hotel U Medvídků

During the reconstruction of the restaurant a hotel*** was built in the historical premises with 45 rooms. (including hygienic facilities, SAT, TV, safe and telephone).

Restaurace U Medvídků

The history of the restaurant ” U medvídků” dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beerhall in Prague.

The mini-brewery is biggest attraction for our guests. It makes the STRONGEST BEER in the world, XBEER-33, using historical technology.

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Medvídkovské bílé

Medvídkovské “Bílé”
12° pšeničné pivo uvařené dle nalezeného původního receptu. Bílé bylo označováno ve středověku pivo uvařené z pšeničného sladu, na rozdíl od starého piva, kterým se označoval ležák uvařený z ječného sladu.

K dostání v minipivovaru a pivním baru od 24. 5. 2017.

U Medvídků´s “White”
The medieval brewery had been making „White beer“ , the name for heat beers at the time, in addition to its „Old beer“, the common term for beers made from barley. /4,7 % alcohol content/

Available in a microbrewery and beer bar from 24 5th 2017.


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Our aim was to bring the original manufacture of beer to the visitors as possible. Therefore, we manufactured the brewery, perhaps the smallestin the Czech Republic (the brewing house with the capacity of 250 l).

Brewery store

The largest specialized shop it located at beer and brewery souvenirs that will enable the visitors to buy original souvenirs. The offer of more than 30 kinds of beer from the production of Czech and Moravian breweries…

Theatre hall

Of the object in the Gothic roof truss a theatre is with 100 seats at the table. “Medvídkovský Cabaret” – will be on the programme. It is an all-evening ptrogramme of old-Bohemian Songs and dances in beautiful costumes and decorations of ancient.

U Medvídků

Historical hotel, restaurant and brewery in the center of Prague.